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Live 360 makes our daily work easier.

Thanks to Live 360, our company has improved operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profitability by optimizing customer relationship management. We are delighted to have this great program that makes daily work easier.

Alexander Leon

I love Live 360!

I love working with Live 360. It has been super easy for me and my team to adapt to the system, and above all, knowing that we have a team willing to support us with a good attitude is always very important. It is a very complete application that makes our work easier. I recommend it 100%

Yennifer Camacho de Mendoza

Wow! Now my job is so much easier

At 1 Key Insurance Solutions, we needed a system to pay commissions accurately and on time. We keep our agents happy and respond quickly with a custom-tailored CRM system to our needs. Thank you for moving us away from the cave to the modern-day and taking us to new heights. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Sonia beato

Live-360! Thank you! Live 360! A great system!

Live-360! Thank you! Live 360! A great system! It has exactly what we need with excellent customer service! I can honestly tell you that Live360 is the solution for our office. With Live360 we can meet the CMS consent requirement almost at the same time a request is transmitted on another platform and with a copy of the signed consent with full registration details. At no additional cost, this is NOT what other CRM systems have. The Text/Email campaign service, all customer information in one place, documents, and commission reconciliation, is very easy to operate. We have been changing CRM for at least 4 years and we have been members of other companies, perhaps more recognized and more sophisticated, such as; RadiusBob, Zoho, Monday CRM, Salesmate, InfoFlo, and AgencyBloc to name a few. They are all too complicated for us. Always with my reservations that its purpose is to steal the client and sell my clients as a list of Leads. At Live360 they listen to our ideas, and they take our calls, texts, and emails. They always strive to implement the best! We are very grateful to be your customer!

Mercedes Mujica

The results have been excellent

Before contracting the services of Live 360, it was not easy to send messages or important information to our clients since we had to call them individually. However, we are working with Live 360, a friendly system to track and record our customers and send them mass text messages or emails simultaneously. The results have been excellent

Yenlifer & Nair Pina

I am super happy

I had been looking for time to organize a database and how I could send information to my clients. Then I found Live 360: This program has helped me organize my clients and reach them through email and text messages effortlessly and professionally. I am super happy to find out about this program that has helped me and my life easier.

Monica Guzman

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