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Live-360 uses the same technology as leading e-commerce and online banking sites to keep your confidential information safe: 1-SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption, that is, we encrypt data sent between your computer and Live 360; 2- all Live-360 accounts are password protected and; 3- double factor authentication (2FA) via text message.

Secure Cloud Data Encryption

As with any form of data encryption, cloud encryption renders the information indecipherable and therefore useless without the encryption keys. This applies even if the data is lost, stolen, or shared with an unauthorized user. In addition to protecting the data from misuse, cloud encryption addresses other critical security issues, including compliance with regulatory data privacy and protection standards.

We have established a partnership with a leading cloud storage solution to help keep your data safe so you can focus on what’s important: your business.

Backup and reliability

Live-360 is hosted in top-of-the-line data centers and uses industry-proven architecture for security, reliability, and redundancy. We back up all data and attachments multiple times throughout the day.

Privacy and data ownership

The confidentiality and integrity of your data is a priority for us. We use a variety of controls that protect your data and have a quality control process in place to prevent any data loss or integrity issues. Regarding the information, you are the owner and can export various Excel/CSV formats at any time just by requesting


We monitor the service in real-time, 24x7x365. Our monitoring includes any network/hosting problem and any type of anomaly in the application that may be causing a problem for our clients.

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