Live-360! Thank you! Live 360! A great system!

Live-360! Thank you!

Live 360! A great system! It has exactly what we need with excellent customer service!

I can honestly tell you that Live360 is the solution for our office.

With Live360 we can meet the CMS consent requirement almost at the same time a request is transmitted on another platform and with a copy of the signed consent with full registration details. At no additional cost, this is NOT what other CRM systems have.

The Text/Email campaign service, all customer information in one place, documents, and commission reconciliation, is very easy to operate.
We have been changing CRM for at least 4 years and we have been members of other companies, perhaps more recognized and more sophisticated, such as; RadiusBob, Zoho, Monday CRM, Salesmate, InfoFlo, and AgencyBloc to name a few. They are all too complicated for us. Always with my reservations that its purpose is to steal the client and sell my clients as a list of Leads.

At Live360 they listen to our ideas, and they take our calls, texts, and emails.
They always strive to implement the best!

We are very grateful to be your customer!



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